Scents & Scents-Ability

Scents & Scents-Ability

It all started with some flowers…and the human ability to detect aromas…and thus was born our obsession with all things smelly and the art and science of aromatherapy. Ancient civilizations used plants as far back as 4,000 years for everything from flavoring foods to anointing themselves for a hot date out to the pyramids or scenting their bath water. Cleopatra, the iconic seductress, was supposedly a big fan of Egyptian Jasmine, sultry Indian Patchouli and even Grapefruit.

The Queen was onto something here as a recent study has revealed that these scents, particularly Grapefruit, were shown to illicit feelings of sexual arousal in men. Way to go, Cleo! Because our products are botanical based and include flower and herb extracts and nut, seed and essential oils, some of them have slight natural scents from the organic and natural ingredients used and are lovely as is. Many of them do not have a strong fragrance and are considered “scent free”. This is based on the type of plant, the extraction process of the plant parts and the concentration used in the product. We understand the importance of aromatic experiences and offer beautiful fragrances that can be added to our scent free bath, body, hair and skin products.

Our Project Consultants can inform you of the products that best lend themselves to additional aroma and can guide you on selecting an essential oil or fragrance oil to create a unique signature scent that will distinguish your brand. So how can you scent your organic private label skin and hair products to create a memorable experience for your customers while avoiding fragrances that smell like they came out of a chemical factory? Pravada provides two effective, safe and delightful offerings with hundreds of aromas to choose from. Essential Oils

  • These are aromatic volatile liquids distilled from shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds.
  • Each essential oil may consist of hundreds of different and unique chemical compounds and are highly concentrated – far more potent than dried herbs.
  • The scent will dissipate after application when exposed to air and the warmth of your skin.
  • Pravada provides about 15 essential oils to choose from.
  • Since they are derived from nature, allergies should be considered.

Fragrance Oils

  • These are created in the lab and because they are non-volatile, the aroma is more stable and lasts much longer than the smell from essential oils.
  • Not all plants release essential oils that can be used for scent. Good examples are blueberries and apples. If you would like something to have those aromas, a fragrance oil is a perfect solution!
  • Pravada provides 100’s of fragrance oils to choose from that are phthalate free.
  • Specific plant allergies do not come into play when using fragrance oils.

Two scents are included with each product purchase so let your inner-Cleo create a fragrance profile that is unique and captures the essence of your individual brand!

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