Marketing and Fragrance

Marketing and Fragrance

With over 100 fragrances and essential oils to choose from Pravada Private Label’s catalogue, picking the right scent can feel overwhelming. What experience do you want your clients to have? Should your consumers feel as if they’re at a spa or beach? Do you want them calm and at peace, happy, romantic, or even trigger certain memories? These are all questions you should ask yourself to identify your client’s experience when using your products. We want to simplify this process so we’ve gathered some tips and tricks to assist in the process!

  • Essential Oils - Marketing the Benefits
  • Triple the benefits of your private label skin and private label hair care products by adding essential oils to them! Essential oils are loaded with benefits making your products easily marketable. For example, lavender essential oil reduces stress, promotes sleep, aids with eczema, and reduces fungal infections.
    Branding Tip: Pair a night cream with lavender essential oil, so it promotes sleep and fights ageing overnight!

  • Unscented - Marketing Fragrance Free
  • Across the organic skin care and natural hair care industry, fragrance free has really begun to trend. Consumers are looking for more “clean” and “natural” cosmetics. By marketing your products as fragrance free you’re letting consumers know your private label line is simplifying your product’s ingredient list, this also can help reduce the chances of irritation on skin by any additional fragrance added.

  • Signature Scent - Marketing the Fragrance
  • Do you ever find yourself buying something PURELY for the scent? Another trend across the industry that really goes opposite of fragrance free is, having a branded signature scent. Think Brazilian Bum Bum Cream or AESOP Soap. You would choose a fragrance that’s unique to your brand making it consistent across all your products. We’d recommend upping the regular fragrance percentage to really make the scent stand out. 
    Branding Tip: If your brand has a retail space or office introduce the scent in a diffuser or candle to make everyone enjoy the unique experience of your brand! Scented spaces have been proven to reduce error in office environments; upping product quality and price perception; drive sales, and increase duration of a retail visit. 

  • “Fragrance-less Fragrance” - Marketing Key Ingredients
  • Another way to market your brand is to match fragrance to ingredients. Consumers often smell products like this and assume this is the natural scent! If there’s a particular ingredient you want to market as well you can emphasise the benefits by matching the fragrance!
    Branding Tip: If you’re selling Green Tea Toner fragrance this with Green Tea!

    Not sure yet which scent will suit your Private Label Skin Care or Hair Care Brand? Click HERE to order samples and explore your options!

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