Important Update: FDA Extends Date for MoCRA Enforcement

Important Update: FDA Extends Date for MoCRA Enforcement

In an important development that has significant implications for the cosmetic industry, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced an extension of the enforcement timeline for the Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act (MoCRA). This pivotal update provides cosmetic companies, including skincare and haircare brands, with additional time to align their operations with the new regulatory requirements. The extension aims to ensure a smoother transition for businesses towards compliance, acknowledging the complexities involved in adapting to the comprehensive reform.

Recap of MoCRA

MoCRA represents a significant update in the regulatory framework for cosmetics, and it's something that every brand owner should be aware of. It mandates that facilities engaged in manufacturing or processing cosmetics for distribution in the U.S. must register each facility with the FDA. Additionally, responsible persons are required to submit a cosmetic product listing to the FDA. For an in-depth overview of this regulation, read Pravada Private Label’s blog, “MoCRA 2022: A Comprehensive Overview for Cosmetic Brand Owners.

Important Recent Update: FDA Delays Enforcement

The FDA has announced a delay in the enforcement of MoCRA's requirements for facility registration and product listing (view here). Originally set for December 29, 2023, the deadline has been extended by six months to July 1, 2024. This grace period provides additional time for the industry to comply with these new mandates.

Action Steps for Brand Owners

Despite this delay, we at Pravada Private Label urge our clients not to postpone their compliance efforts. Here's why:

  • Early Compliance Ensures Smooth Transition: By adhering to MoCRA now, you'll avoid the rush and potential bottlenecks as the new deadline approaches.
  • Maintain Market Presence: Ensuring your products are registered and listed can prevent any interruptions in your ability to market and distribute your products.
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve: Being among the first to comply can be a competitive advantage and demonstrates your commitment to regulatory compliance and product safety.

Your Next Steps

  1. Review MoCRA Requirements: Familiarize yourself with the specifics of facility registration and product listing. 
  2. Prepare Your Documentation: Start gathering the necessary information for registration and listing ahead of time.
  3. Seek Assistance If Needed: Don't hesitate to contact regulatory experts or the FDA for guidance on navigating the new regulations. If you would like assistance with the submission process to ensure seamless and accurate documentation, Pravada will offer filing services for a to be determined fee.  We will let you know once we have a full understanding of the work required to process a registration.

Don’t Delay!

This extension is a helpful reprieve, but it's not an invitation to delay. As a partner in your brand's journey, Pravada Private Label is here to support and guide you through these regulatory updates. Stay proactive, stay compliant, and as always, we're here to ensure your products are not just exceptional in quality but also exemplary in adherence to the latest industry standards.

For any questions regarding MoCRA compliance, please refer to the FDA and MoCRA.

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