Self Care Night with Pravada

Self Care Night with Pravada

Self care is buzzing all over social media - whether it’s Goop telling you what to buy or influencers letting us know their self care rituals, we can’t stop thinking about this trending topic. After the last few years the world has gone through, we all deserve some “me time”! Seemingly everything is being marketed to consumers to indulge and romanticise self care and well being and we’re not surprised as it’s been scientifically proven to ease anxiety, increase happiness & concentration! Why not tap into this energy when curating your private label brand?  Pravada has compiled the perfect list of products to bring self care to your clients - we’ve also set the scene! 

Step 1: 

While you wait for the bath to fill, pour yourself a glass of wine and light your candles to teleport your mind to the spa!

Step 2:

Pour the Pink Himalayan Bath Salts in the tub! Not only aesthetically pleasing (and the perfect Instagram opportunity) but, the soak detoxifies the skin by fighting bacteria, balancing skin’s pH levels, and softening dry areas helping you relax by easing muscle tension and soreness.

Step 3:

Put on your favourite music while soaking in the tub! Drench your hair in our Intensive Silk Amino Acid Hair Masque. This ultra-lush vitamin packed masque will leave your locks feeling bouncy, silky and smooth! Silk, Quinoa and Rice Amino Acids create stronger strands while Slippery Elm Bark naturally detangles! We recommend rinsing this out with our Pro Restore Biotin Shampoo/Conditioner.

Step 4:

Our favorite part, after sipping wine, exfoliating! Vitamin Sugar Scrub for body, Lip Scrub for your pout and Triple Enzyme Peel Masque for your face and neck! Let’s buff away dry and flakey skin and leave feeling hydrated and smooth! Both the Vitamin Sugar Scrub and Lip Scrub have healing properties to leave your skin feeling conditioned while the Triple Enzyme Peel Mask gives you a clean slate allowing other facial products to absorb without any dead skin getting in the way.

Step 5: 

Hop out of the tub - your Uber Eats is almost here! Make sure to drench your body in our Meadowfoam and Black Currant Weightless Body Oil and face in Advanced Complexion Renewal Dry Oil. Both have properties to brighten and nourish skin to give you the sought after glass glow. Now you can enjoy your pasta in the ultimate state of relaxation. 

Let Pravada help you become a staple in your clients self-care routines! Reach out to one of our Project Consultants to learn more about our line up. 

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