The Pathway Forward: From Dreamline Beauty to Pravada Private Label

The Pathway Forward: From Dreamline Beauty to Pravada Private Label

The Pathway Forward: From Dreamline Beauty to Pravada Private Label


Welcome to Pravada Private Label! In these times of transition, especially with the unfortunate closure of Dreamline Beauty, it's essential to find a partner who understands the intricacies of your business and the quality your clients expect. Pravada Private Label is that partner. We are committed to ensuring that your hair care brand not only continues but thrives, offering products that your clients will adore.

Seamless Transition with High-Quality Alternatives

We recognize the importance of a smooth transition. Rest assured, our dedication lies in providing high-quality alternatives that closely match the function of Dreamline Beauty’s offerings. From shampoos and conditioners to hair treatments and styling products, our expertise and diverse product range are designed to meet, if not exceed, your expectations during this pivotal time.

Whether you’re coming from Dreamline Beauty or are simply interested in starting a new hair care line, we encourage you to explore all of our new formulations and experience the quality and innovation that Pravada offers.

What You Can Expect from Pravada

  • Our formulations are utilized by top salons and sold internationally across major retailers.
  • We offer a wide selection of products crafted with premium ingredients for effective, proven results.
  • Each of our formulations are designed to meet or exceed clean beauty industry standards.
  • Accessible MOQs of 50 units for all of Pravada’s products.
  • Full-service manufacturing within our FDA registered ISO:22716 GMP Certified Facility, ensuring consistent quality you can count on.
  • A personalized, guided experience with our knowledgeable team, ensuring a seamless transition and ongoing support.
  • Take advantage of competitive volume-based pricing able to accommodate orders of all sizes from 50 to 10,000+ units.
  • Custom fragrance options to create or match your signature scents, enhancing your brand’s unique identity.
  • An extensive selection of packaging and closures to match or elevate your brand's aesthetic (subject to availability).
  • Complimentary high-quality, full-color, waterproof labels in gloss or matte finishes — with additional specialty label options available (specialty labels such as clear, metallic, embossed, etc., are subject to additional fees and an MOQ of 250 units/product — contact us for a custom quote).
  • High-quality custom silk-screening options available (subject to additional fees and an MOQ of 1,000 units/product — contact us for a custom quote).

    Getting Started with Pravada

    1. Browse products from the chart below or explore our entire product offering from

    2. Add your selections to your cart. Begin the checkout process.

    3. When checking out, reference your welcome email for any special promotions. (If you did not receive a welcome email, please contact us at and mention being a Dreamline client.)

    4. Any additional product samples added outside of our Dreamline matched offerings are available at our standard pricing.

    5. Once you review the samples and are happy with your selections, please give our dedicated project consultants a call at (239) 260-9826 or by email at From there we will be guide you through the quoting process and answer any questions you may have regarding product, packaging, fragrance, design, lead times, and more.

      Committed to Your Success

      We are here to address any questions or concerns you may have, providing expert guidance every step of the way. We are available from 8 am to 6 pm, Monday through Thursday, at (239) 260-9826 or via email at


      Shampoos & Conditioners

      Dreamline Product Pravada Product
      Angel Curl Shampoo Hydra Curl Shampoo
      Angel Curl Conditioner Hydra Curl Conditioner
      BioForce Strengthening Shampoo Strengthening Shampoo with Biotin + HA
      BioForce Strengthening Conditioner Strengthening Conditioner with Biotin + HA
      Botanical HydraCreme 3-in-1 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo
      Color Balance Shampoo Blonde Balancing Purple Shampoo
      Color Balance Conditioner Blonde Balancing Purple Conditioner
      Exotic Moisture Shampoo Pro-Rejuvenation Shampoo
      Exotic Moisture Conditioner Pro-Rejuvenation Conditioner
      Fresh Mint Shampoo Tea Tree Mint Shampoo
      Fresh Mint Conditioner Tea Tree Mint Conditioner
      Keratin Renewal Shampoo Keratin Thickening Shampoo
      Keratin Renewal Conditioner Keratin Thickening Conditioner
      Modern Man Shampoo Herbal Plus Shampoo
      Modern Man Conditioner Herbal Plus Conditioner
      Moroccan Argan Shampoo Argan Smoothing Shampoo
      Moroccan Argan Conditioner Argan Smoothing Conditioner
      Reveal Clarifying Shampoo Detox Clarifying Shampoo
      Spa Essence Shampoo Thera-Mint Shampoo for Dry & Damaged Hair
      Spa Essence Conditioner Thera-Mint Conditioner for Dry & Damaged Hair
      Sleek Silk Shampoo Silk Bond Repair Shampoo
      Sleek Silk Conditioner Silk Bond Repair Conditioner
      Volume Pro Thickening Shampoo Volume+ Shampoo
      Volume Pro Thickening Conditioner Volume+ Conditioner

       View all Pravada Shampoo & Conditioner Offerings


       Styling & Treatment Products

      Dreamline Product Pravada Product
      Angel Curl Deep Treatment Hydra Curl Deep Treatment w/ Niacinamide
      Angel Curl Leave In Therapy Hydra Curl Leave In Conditioner
      Angel Curl Texture Cream Hydra Curl Texture Cream
      Be Strong Leave In Conditioner 4-in-1 Leave In Conditioning Spray
      Big Surf Spray Pacific Sea Spray
      Firm Edge Pomade & Edge Control Gel Pomade & Edge Control
      Keratin Renewal Mask Intensive Silk Amino Acid Hair Mask
      Keratin Renewal Serum Keratin Frizz Control Serum
      Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Cream Silk Protein Styling Cream
      Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Mask Intensive Silk Amino Acid Hair Mask
      Moroccan Argan Oil Serum Argan Smoothing Serum
      Nourish Me Detangler 4-in-1 Leave In Thermal Conditioning Spray
      Replenishing Hydrating Mist Vita-Boost Spray
      Resurrection Deep Treatment Deep Conditioning Protein Hair Treatment
      Shape Shifter Hair Spray Touchable Hold Finishing Hair Spray
      Sleek Silk Serum Argan Smoothing Serum
      Volume Pro Styling Gel Volume+ Styling Gel
      Volumizing Styling Mist Thickening and Volumizing Pre-Styler Spray

      View all Pravada Styling & Treatment Offerings


      Can't find the product you're looking for?

      Rest assured, Pravada's talented cosmetic chemists are currently developing innovative formulations to replace and expand upon Dreamline Beauty's offerings.

      As we strive to uphold the highest standards of clean beauty in all our products, it requires time and meticulous attention to detail to achieve. As such, we appreciate your patience and are thrilled to announce that a second wave of advanced formulations will be unveiled soon. This includes exciting new alternatives in styling gels, pastes, hair treatments, and sprays tailored for a variety of specific needs.

      Please note that we will not be offering any aerosol products.

      We hope that transitioning to Pravada Private Label leads to the start of an exciting new chapter for your brand. We look forward to embarking on this journey with you, ensuring that your brand’s legacy continues to flourish.

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