5 Resources Every Brand Owner Should Know

5 Resources Every Brand Owner Should Know

As exciting as starting and expanding your own business is - it comes with challenges. Often business owners wear multiple hats in their day to day. Here our some of our favorite resources we know, love and use regularly to help us manage our business: 

1. Canva 

Beautiful templates, amazing fonts and endless possibilities - Canva can help even the most design challenged individual create beautiful content effortlessly! It is a free site (with the option for a paid premium version) which allows people and teams to design just about anything - from logos and social media content, to documents, prints and more.

2. Creative Market 

As the name suggests, here you’ll find a marketplace for just about everything design! Creative Market is a dream for being able to achieve a custom design look and feel on a budget! Shop thousands of designers who sell beautiful templates and graphics which you can customize to your business needs. Here you’ll find a huge collection of branding assets and kits, including social media templates. 

3. Trello

Make your life easier when it comes to managing projects and organizing tasks. Trello is a free project management software perfectly suited for both individuals and teams. It allows you to use boards, lists, and cards to get a clear view of who’s doing what and what needs to get done to help you manage tasks with ease. 

4. Upwork

This freelancer platform can connect you to a pool of talented professionals and agencies to outsource just about anything your business might need. From copywriters, web developers, and photographers, to legal, HR and accounting resources - you’ll be able to find the best talent in your budget. The site allows you to post your job with your desired budget, and then professionals can view & offer their services. You’ll get to see previous reviews & converse with the professionals or agencies to ensure you find the right fit. 

5. Grammarly 

This AI powered browser plug-in is a serious life saver. It will work across just about any site you use on your browser - emails, documents and socials - and make you a sharper righter. Think the ultimate spell check, but it's so much more than just spelling and grammar. It assesses style and tone to make powerful recommendations to offer better phrasing and more precise points. 

Have any other tools & tricks your business loves? We’d love for you to share them with us in the comments! 

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