3 Tips to Make The Most of your Private Label Line

3 Tips to Make The Most of your Private Label Line

One of the amazing benefits of Private Label is that you can take our base formulations & make them perfectly customised to best suit your customers! We’re not just talking about the physical elements like fragrancing & packaging. We mean the very marketing & branding you use to sell each formulation. You can take our products and transform them to speak directly to your target audience. Here’s 3 tips on how to make the most of your private label line: 

1. Change the Product Name 

You have total creative freedom here! Our product names can be completely changed to better speak to your intended audience. We have named & categorised all of our products to help & make it each to sort through our vast catalogue, but that doesn't mean you need to market the products the way we do! For example, you may find a product you love in our Marine Line, but feel Marine has absolutely nothing to do with your Brand - and that's no problem! You can change the name up and highlight whatever you feel honors your brand best. Consider highlighting different ingredients or getting creative with names that align to your brand. 

While you're at it,  consider changing up your product description and directions of use to transform your products into truly something unique!

2. Mix Products from Different Lines 

If you are planning to launch a few different products, keep in mind you can always shop across our various lines to create a line truly unique for your brand. We have grouped our products in lines to offer a potential narrative you may want to consider, but you may find that a mixture of products across our different categories go best with your brand! Get creative, research and test each product for its potential in fitting into your brand's story. 

3. Give Products New Purpose

We’ve kept our products pretty generic in terms of their uses to stick with the major categories you’re most used to seeing in beauty - cleansers, serums, toners, etc. But there is no reason you can’t give these products a new purpose! Find solutions for your clients and design your line accordingly - you may want to market a serum as an eye treatment, a masque for your face as something for the body, or even generic shampoo specifically for use on beards! The possibilities are endless - just find what works for you!

Reach out to one of our Project Consultants to learn more. 

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