Pravada Private Label - After Sun Skin Care

Pravada Private Label - After Sun Skin Care

Pravada Private Label – After Sun Skin Care

Pravada Private Label knows that with summer months finally upon us it is vital to know about After Sun Skin Care. It is inevitable that we will be spending more time outdoors enjoying the weather and sunshine. Everyone knows the essentials – wear sunscreen, reapply often, and avoid over exposure to prevent sunburn. But how can skin care professionals and estheticians help their sun-chasing clients maintain healthy, glowing complexions beyond sunscreen? Pravada private label offers after sun skin care options designed to fight skin-aging free radicals, brighten dull skin, and improve overall hydration. Here are the top-sellers and spotlight products for targeting post sun skin concerns..

Stem C-20 Serum

This uniquely formulated serum targets a multitude of after sun skin care concerns. This daily facial serum contains stable, brightening Vitamin C and hydration-boosting Hyaluronic Acid to fight free radical damage and dry skin. Orange stem cells power this product to reinforce elasticity, retain hydration, and promote healthy collagen production. Reveal smoother, more vibrant skin with each use!

Super Fruits Antioxidant Moisturizer

Antioxidant skin care products are the tried and true approach to help minimize sun damage that prematurely ages skin. Free radical damage, called oxidation, shows up in our skin as wrinkles and dehydration. Antioxidants, including green tea, bayberry, blueberry, cranberry and sea buckthorn help stop and reverse this damage. This, combined with the anti-aging benefits of Squalane, Glycolic Acid, and Peptides, makes for one light but powerful moisturizer.

Aloe and Spirulina Cooling Gel

A natural body gel that is perfect to use in an after sun skin care routine. Aloe Vera calms, cools, and soothes the skin as Spirulina’s high protein and antioxidant-rich content repairs and nourishes dry skin. This gel is perfect for sun-exposed skin as it contributes to reducing recovery time, boosting hydration, and calming irritation. Order samples today to experience the restorative benefits of Pravada’s after sun skin care options for your pravada private label collection. To learn more about bringing these products in to your custom skin care line, contact our Naples, Florida or Oakville, Ontario Sales team for more information on these wonderful beauty supply. We’re growing! Check us out on Facebook! Naples, Florida – (239) 260 9826 ex 1 Oakville, Ontario – (905) 412 3302 ex 101

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