Labelling Cosmetics: Silk Screening

Labelling Cosmetics: Silk Screening

Labelling Cosmetics: Silk Screening

Labelling plays a vital role in the success of your cosmetic brand. It is one of the first opportunities you have at capturing your consumers' attention. This is where consumers learn about the benefits, ingredients, and other information about your products. One of the best types of cosmetic labelling options is Silk Screening. Silk Screening provides a striking and elegant printing quality that will instantly elevate your packaging to the next level. The process also produces a great texture directly on the surface of your cosmetic container.  


What is Silk Screening?

Silk-screening is a personalized container decorating technique of printing images directly on a container vs. using labels. The process consists of printing ink through photographically treated screens. With specialized inks it is possible to print onto plastic, glass and even aluminium. The process is called 'silk’ screening because traditionally, the mesh screen was constructed from silk thread. Nowadays, this has been replaced by polyester fibres, which offer the same performance at a lower price point. One color is applied at a time with a new screen for each color. Several screens are used to produce a brilliant design or image. Because of the complexity of the process, Pravada outsources all silk screening to a 3rd party printer. 

Why should I consider Silk Screening?

  • Won’t fade, tear, stain, wrinkle or peel off
  • Steam resistant and waterproof
  • Clean look, without label edges
  • Cost-efficient in large and recurring order quantities
  • Easily recyclable (depending on packaging)
  • Elevates your Product Line
  • High level of precision and quality 
  • Ideal for irregular shaped packaging (ex. Tubes)


Important Considerations

  • 1,000 piece minimum
  • One time Setup fee and screen/ films charge
  • Minimum font size of 4 pts recommended
  • A maximum use of 3 Pantone colours
  • Production lead-times approximately 6-8 weeks
  • Additional fees for hard (physical) proofs Ican impact lead times
  • Additional shipping charges may apply


Ask your sales representative for more information and how to take the next step to get your brand noticed!

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