Brighten Dark Spots, Sun Spots, and Hyperpigmentation

Brighten Dark Spots, Sun Spots, and Hyperpigmentation

Brighten Dark Spots, Sun Spots, and Hyperpigmentation

For estheticians and skin care enthusiasts, sun spots, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation are a frequent concern of their clients and market. Pravada offers several private label skin care options to minimize the appearance of stubborn sun spots and brighten dark spots.

Cleanse and Exfoliate Dull Skin

A brightening cleanser formula lays the groundwork for minimizing sun spots and improving the appearance of dull skin. A cleanser with physical exfoliants combined with brightening ingredients will gently scrub away dead skin cells to reveal a fresher complexion. A gel cleanser formulated with brightening Vitamin C, Kojic Acid, AHAs, and BHAs works as a daily cleansing option, even for sensitive skin types. Pravada offers several brightening cleanser options for your private label line.

Serums to Target and Brighten Dark Spots

A specially formulated serum is the powerhouse behind any brightening private label skin care line. A serum enhanced with brightening Vitamin C, Kojic Acid, or Glycolic Acid will work to minimized dark spots and promote healthy cell turnover to shed dead skin. This powerful step enhances skin’s luminosity and overall tone. For best results, apply serum after cleansing and, if used, toner application.

Moisturizers for Luminous Skin

Deliver lasting hydration and skin-brightening ingredients with a moisturizer designed to target and brighten dark spots. With consistent exfoliation, it is important to protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier and from free radical damage. Moisturizers enhanced with Vitamin C, Super Fruits, or Kojic Acid will work to brighten dark spots and deliver antioxidant protection, preventing further damage to the skin.

Offer the keys to luminous, even skin tone by adding brightening skin care to your private label line. Find what suits your brand and addresses your clients’ needs by ordering samples here. For more information on starting your private label skin care line, contact our Sales team at 1- 877- 471- 3302.

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