Private Labeling your own products is an exciting venture!  After using other companies’ creams for years, you finally get to formulate your own great line choosing the exact active ingredients, packaging, names, label design and even scents that will set you apart and create a brand that is unique to you.  You already know the benefits of having your own hair or skincare line; higher profit margins coupled with exclusive products that are not sold anywhere else.  So, it’s tempting to dive right in and start choosing containers, creating color schemes and concocting fragrances to develop irresistible products that are ready to take on the beauty world by storm!  But before leaping off the ledge into the wonderous world of private labeling, take some time to ponder the following considerations before placing your first order. 

Who is Your Ideal Customer?  The answer to this question will help you decide major decisions about, well, everything!  And no, the answer is NOT “Everyone who has skin!”  It is critical to narrow down your niche and target one of three main groups of individuals:  1) The Organic Hippie 2) The Young and Hip or 3) The Haute High End.  Making this initial assessment will help streamline all of your branding decisions, keep your target audience in focus and increase your chance for success!

  1. The Organic Hippie – The range for this class of customers spans from 70 to 17 years old and across all ethnicities. Most organic consumers are in the middle to upper salary ranges.  People that are new to buying organic products tend to focus on key words on the label and are usually not partial to any particular brand. Words like “natural”, “botanical”, “cruelty free” and of course “organic” will grab their attention so if this is your target audience, best to include these words on the front label and possibly even in the name of your brand.  Savvy consumers understand the value of organic and are willing to spend more money on their products.  They are also looking for something beyond just organically grown ingredients and want active, superlative products.  This is why you need to choose high quality formulations that make a noticeable positive improvement in your client’s skin and hair.  Fresh color schemes that include white are often used.  Containers are made out of recyclable materials and to reduce waste, may not include “double packaging” in the way of a box.  Products are fragranced with essential oils or scents that are nature based like lavender, cucumber or rose.
  2. The Young and Hip– Think millennial.  This group of young adults wants fun products that reflect their exuberance and focus on hot trending ingredients.  Packaging is brightly colored and can even include metallic images and closures.  The box is Queen in this packaging scheme.  It can present like a work of art enticing the consumer with coolness and the promise of a quality product inside. This group also spends more money on fragrance than previous generations and are looking for a unique “scent-sory” experience.  Focus on unique and whimsical smells and products that can add some perfume to the body in the way of a lotion or hair treatment; not necessarily spritzed out of an atomizer.
  3. The Haute High End– This has nothing to do with a person’s socioeconomic condition or status.  It has to do with their state of mind and the experience they desire while choosing and applying their products. Darker jewel-toned branding on frosted glass or black packaging with matching or gold toned closures appeals to this set that often includes baby-boomers and beyond.  Luxurious and anti-aging treatments are the name of the game.  These clients are willing to pay a higher price point when they see ingredients that will slow the hands of time; retinol, Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and ceramides will be at the fore-front of your label – a label that will simultaneously be exuding sexiness and class!

Of course, this list is not finite.  There are many other niches that you can target to create a super star product line that specifically appeals to your ideal customer and reflects the brand that is uniquely YOU!  Call us today and we will introduce you to products, packages and perfumes that are a perfect fit for your personal brand.