Pravada Works With Amazon

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service that offers sellers the opportunity to have Amazon store, package, and ship products directly to the customer.  Pravada can prepare your products to ship directly to an Amazon or another fulfillment center.  We can bag products, attach bar codes and other labels and ship on a specific date.  We will provide shipment details to you including the box quantities, units per box and the weight and dimensions of the boxes so that you can create your FBA and shipping labels.

Pravada Private Label Shipping Options

A lot on your plate?  With your permission, Pravada will create a shipping plan through your Amazon Sellers Central account for an additional fee.  We’ll create shipping labels for your designated fulfillment center and directly send your goods to be distributed. Let us help you replenish your inventory and avoid backorders and Amazon fees associated with depleted stock.

Pravada & Amazon Can Help

First time Amazon seller?  While Pravada does not sell products on Amazon, our staff is familiar with the requirements associated with getting started.  We are happy to provide Amazon with the product documentation required for you to make your on-line debut.