Ingredient News!

While our goal at Pravada is to provide you with consistent, high quality private label products, from time to time we do find the need to change ingredients in some of our formulations.  Changes are often due to ingredient changes by suppliers, raw ingredient shortages or significant cost fluctuations.

Royal Jelly Skincare Products

Why Bee Derived Ingredients make for amazing skincare! by guest blogger Paula Dahlke Since the time of Aristotle-and indeed, long before that, Hone...

Labelling Cosmetics: Pravada In-House Labels

Searching for a label solution for your Private Label Brand? At Pravada, we not only have a team of talented graphic designers to help you create your label designs, but we also boast a “state of the art” printer right here in our facility. BONUS: Our in house labels are included in the cost of your retail order!

Marketing and Fragrance

With over 100 fragrances and essential oils to choose from Pravada Private Label’s catalogue, picking the right scent can feel overwhelming. What e...

Completing Cosmetic Notification Forms for Health Canada

One of the most crucial steps once you have finalized your product, packaging and label design is to complete the Health Canada Cosmetic Notification Forms (CNF). If you've found yourself staring blankly at the Health Canada website, then this article is for you. 

Labelling Cosmetics: Silk Screening

Capture your consumers' attention! One of the best types of cosmetic labelling options is Silk Screening. Silk Screening provides a striking and elegant printing quality that will instantly elevate your packaging to the next level.

Self Care Night with Pravada

Self care is buzzing all over social media - whether it’s Goop telling you what to buy or influencers letting us know their self care rituals, we c...

Our Best Sellers from 2021!

With over 200 products in our catalogue, sometimes it can be hard to narrow down exactly which products you may want to call your own! Let’s help n...