Why Choose Natural Skin Care

As the largest organ in your body, skin is your first line of defense against sun, pollution, wind, stress and germs. However, your skin cannot differentiate between good and bad chemicals. It indiscriminately absorbs whatever chemicals you slather on your face and body. By choosing eco-friendly, natural organic body care products, you know that your skin is absorbing products rooted in nature and simply prepared by hand, with in the highest quality with the least chemical processes. Rashes, irritations and allergic reactions are minimized because ingredients are pure and natural.

In addition to proper nutrition and exercise, sufficient sleep and plenty of water, your skin requires a daily regime that helps it regenerate and combat both internal and external factors. Natural organic skin care products can nourish and hydrate rather than stripping it of essential oils and introducing irritations such as sulfates, harsh detergents and unnecessary chemicals.

Organic natural cleansers gently remove make up, dirt, oils and pollution without stripping your skin. Natural oils found in our body butters and organic lotions moisturize tone and protect the skin from sun, aging, wind and pollution. Organic face creams and body lotions serve a protective layer especially in sensitive areas such as the face and neck. Anti-aging antioxidants are naturally introduced.
Once relegated to the shelves of health food stores, the industry understands that natural and organic skin care is not a trend. Consumers are becoming more informed and discriminating with respect to their cosmetic choices. Read labels – and choose the products that make the most sense for your skin and your environment.

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