PACKAGING SPOTLIGHT – Frosted Glass Cosmetic Containers

PACKAGING SPOTLIGHT – Frosted Glass Cosmetic Containers

Frosted Glass Packaging For Private Label Skin Care

Selecting the right packaging to represent your Private Label Skin Care or Hair Care brand is fundamental in capturing the attention of your customers and creating a positive first impression. It is not only important to be appealing in the eyes of potential customers, but it must also be durable, safe and functional. Whether it's on display at a retail store or sold on an online platform such as Amazon or Instagram, the overall appearance is one of the first direct experiences a customer has with your brand. Choosing the appropriate packaging for your brand is a strategic business decision that inspires brand loyalty and repeat customers.

Benefits of Glass Packaging For Private Label Skin Care

Glass packaging can be an ideal option for high-end cosmetic products due to their attractive, sleek and luxurious appearance. One major advantage of glass as a material is its recyclability while retaining its quality and integrity. This can make glass products even more appealing due society's growing desire for sustainable options. For some consumers, glass is also perceived to be safer than plastic due to concerns over BPA exposure. Glass is extremely forgiving for practically any cosmetic or skincare formulation such as, for instance. pure essential oils. Essential oils will interact with plastic and therefore best stored in glass bottles. Glass packaging features impermeable walls that provide an excellent moisture barrier and will not degrade overtime.

While there are a variety of colours and finishes available, frosted glass packaging is especially suitable for modern and contemporary brands. The frosted effect offers consumers the ability to establish how much product they have left while still offering greater UV protection than clear packaging. It is also important to consider that when working with natural and organic products, it is common to have batch variations ranging from colour variations to consistency. The frosted packaging does have the ability to disguise some of these variations. Pravada offers choices of shapes and sizes in frosted glass packaging. This variety of options allow you to explore a cohesive flow throughout your brand’s product collection.

Frosted Glass Jars

Frosted glass jars are an attractive packaging possibility for moisturisers, eye treatments, masks and body butters. Jars are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 0.5 oz to 9 oz and two styles; Straight or Short with an assortment of closure options. Closures are available in white, black, shiny silver, matte silver, shiny gold and matte gold – depending on the jar style and size.


Frosted Glass - Standard Jars

Frosted Glass Bottles

Frosted glass bottles make a great option for packaging serums and oils, eye treatments, cleansers and toners. With a selection of dispensing closures available, there is an opportunity to create a distinct and versatile product line. Frosted glass bottles are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 0.5 oz to 8 oz and two styles; Boston Round or Cylinder styles.

Important Considerations When Choosing Glass Packaging

Glass containers are more expensive, heavy, and fragile. Special consideration should be taken during storage and shipping. For safety reasons, glass should be avoided for bath and shower products. Additionally, glass exterior surfaces are imperfect, as they are blown, and therefore labels may be more susceptible to bubbling when applied on glass. 

For additional information, be sure to contact your sales representative for more information regarding pricing and collection compatibility.  You can also visit our packaging page to explore and order samples to determine what collections are right for your Private Label Skin Care or Hair Care brand.

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