3 Winter Skin Care Requirements for Your Product Line

3 Winter Skin Care Requirements for Your Product Line

As temperatures plummet across the continent, cold weather means drier air. Heaters inside the home, office and car deplete what little humidity is left, parching skin and destabilizing its protective barrier. Help your clients combat wintertime woes with private label skin care and hair care products that plump and preserve moisture levels in skin. Barrier Protection – Botanical based creams that prevent evaporation and shield skin from exposure to frigid weather and winter clothes that may be warm, like wool, but are often itchy, are in high demand this time of year. Best Skin Care Products for Creating a Moisture Barrier: Products with Ceramides are great options as they help to replace the skin’s natural oils. Shea Butter is a great wind burn remedy and can be used in higher concentrations on the body and in smaller amounts on the face. Try Pravada’s:

Lock Moisture In– Private label skin care products that contain humectants like Hyaluronic Acid (HA) help to trap and hold water in the skin. Ensure that products have botanical based HA and educate clients to apply these moisture retention treatments to skin immediately after cleansing. Try Pravada’s:

Choose the product perfect for your target market and price point. Offer a lotion to layer on top such as the Advanced Smoothing Cream for a double Hyaluronic Acid infusion. Rescue dry hair with our Hydra-Silk Leave-In Treatment, rich with Jojoba and Hemp Oils to smooth frizz and restore shine. Add an Eye Cream– The skin under the eyes is thin and can quickly dehydrate. Clients complain of crepey, flaky under eye tissue during the winter months. Offer them an herbal remedy that provides immediate visible results. For optimal hydration, offer layers of peptides. Try Pravada’s:

Both are loaded with Amino Acids and Antioxidants to ward off wrinkles and smooth delicate skin.

Finding the Perfect Private Label Products for Winter Skin Care

Let our consultants help you choose the right products that define your personal brand. Our ingredients are on trend and our fragrance options create a natural aromatherapy experience your clients will remember and want to return to… again and again. Call our team today toll free at 877.471.3302 or contact us at info@pravada.ca to place your sample order to begin your private label journey. And welcome to Pravada – Private Label Simplified!

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