CBD in Skin and Hair Care – The New Normal

CBD in Skin and Hair Care – The New Normal

In the beauty industry, trends come frequently, most disappear quickly, but some rare ones stay indefinitely. So, what constitutes a keeper? The ingredient (or new product) needs to be backed by science, deliver consistent and visible results, be affordable by the majority of beauty product consumers and be better (faster, more effective, novel or cheaper) than any other similar item already on the market. When all the boxes have been checked, there’s a possibility that a hot trend just might turn into a market mainstay that will stand the test of time.

As research and consumer claims mount in support of CBD laden skin and hair care products, beauty experts consider the staying power of this benevolent botanical. Most think that this genie is not going back in her bottle with market estimations reaching $22 billion by 2022. Research may be limited, but demand is definitely not with one in seven Americans already using a CBD product.

And consumers seem to want this magical molecule in everything; from scalp and eye treatments to serums to anti-aging cremes and masks, the industry is budding with innovation as CBD is infused into a myriad of bath, body, face and hair treatments. So, where does the staying power of CBD potentially lie? There is scientific research supporting the reduction of oil production by CBD. In addition to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, CBD lends itself to banishing blemishes. Since over 90% of people are affected by acne at some point in their life, this alone helps CBD to secure real estate on websites, spa and salon shelves.

Pravada has cocktailed CBD into products that already offer benefits to skin, scalp and hair since they have other active, proven ingredients that elicit visible results. Have us add your own signature scent, logo and packaging to create a unique CBD experience for your on-line, spa and salon customers. Email our Project Consultants at info@pravada.ca to begin!

Our CBD Collection Includes:

Calm Balm Salve (125 Mg/Oz)
Soothing Lip Balm (70 Mg/Oz)
Super C Calming Creme (100 Mg/Oz)
Day Glow Moisturizer (50 Mg/Oz)
Therapeutic Eye & Lip Treatment (50 Mg/Oz)
Smooth Sailing Masque (100 Mg/Oz)
Calming Protein Hair Masque (250 Mg/Oz)
Sun Grown Berry C Serum (100 Mg/Oz)
Soothing Dry Oil (100 Mg/Oz)
Pro-Nourish Hair Scalp Oil (100 Mg/Oz)
Freeze ReLeaf Gel (125 Mg/Oz)
Zen Massage Butter (50 Mg/Oz)
On the Mend Scar Crème (125 Mg/Oz)

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