We've gotten a makeover! Explore the new Pravada.com

We've gotten a makeover! Explore the new Pravada.com

We are excited to announce the launch of our newly updated website! Here's what you can expect: 

A Fresh New Look

We've given ourselves a facelift! Our core offerings & information are all still there, but we've modified the site with a new clear update, which includes a new logo design for us as well! 

Packaging Catalogue Integration 

Our most exciting enhancement - our packaging catalogue has now been built out into our website so offer the same shopping experience that our products do for samples! You'll be able to easily explore both our standard and premium packaging selection, and see detailed relevant information including our recommendations for which products each packaging would be best suited for and important considerations. 

Currency Conversion for Canadian Clients 

In the top bar of the site, you can now toggle between USD and CAD dollars, and chose the currency you prefer to pay in! All sample orders placed through the site will ship from our Florida office, but now Canadian's can avoid incurring Foreign Exchange fees from their banks on sample orders with us. 

Improved Search Functionality 

While this might not sound like a big win, trust us when we say it's worth calling out! Our new site has a long overdue feature - a search bar! You can now easily & quickly search the entirety of the website to find the products you're looking for faster. 

We hope you all love this new site as much as we do & we'd like to thank our amazing team for all the work they've put into it over the last several months! 

If you have any questions & comments - (or find any glitches!) - please do not hesitate to reach out to your Project Consultant.