Incorporating Probiotics Into Skin Care

Incorporating Probiotics Into Skin Care

Incorporating Probiotics Into Skin Care

We’ve all heard the word before – probiotics. It’s a buzzword that’s everywhere, taking the private label skin care, wellness and health market by storm. Normally we take the supplement on it’s own or make sure it’s incorporated to our diet but, now it’s being introduced to skin care. Let’s breakdown probiotics to see why you need it in your private label skin care or private label cosmetic line.

What Are Probiotics?

When you hear the word bacteria, you probably think of germs or infections. These live microorganisms can of course be related to that but, our body needs bacteria to properly function and maintain health. Probiotics are “good” live bacteria and yeast. Our body is made up of “good” and “bad” bacteria but, after taking for example, antibiotics, you may have more “bad” bacteria than “good”. Probiotic supplements and probiotic heavy foods (when ingested) act to balance and maintain both types of bacteria.

Probiotics In Skin Care

Why do we need probiotics in our private label cosmetic or private label skin care line? Our skin, like the rest of our body, is made up of bacteria. Just like taking a supplement to balance the microorganisms, topically applying skin care products with probiotic ingredients work in a similar fashion. When our skin is out of balance this can cause even the “good” bacteria to turn “bad”. Reactions may be, acne, dryness, dark spots or rosacea. Adding probiotic products to your private label skin care line will help balance and maintain your client’s skin concerns. Here are some benefits of probiotics when used in skin care:

  • Protects skin against environmental damage
  • Maintains skin’s hydration, fighting against dryness
  • Calms and soothes the skin to help fight redness and irritation
  • Help restore skin’s natural pH balance
  • Gently exfoliates dead cells and boosts collagen

Probiotic Products For Your Private Label Skin Care and Private Label Cosmetic Line

Optim-Eyez Probiotic Eye Serum

PH balancing probiotics inhibit melanin production and evens skin tone in this revitalizing serum. Caffeine rich Green Tea increases circulation to depuff the under eye area while pomegranate tightens and hydrates skin. These ingredients work together to fight and repair damage caused by free radicals and environmental stressors.

Skin Balancing Probiotic Masque

Rejuvenate tired, dull complexions with this ultra hydrating, mineral rich facial masque. Kaolin clay is infused with the natural benefits of probiotics, kale, and carrot proteins. Probiotics extracted from yogurt gently exfoliate, calm and moisturize the skin while boosting skins collagen production. These ingredients work together to soften and detoxify the skin.

Brightening Eye Créme

Our Brightening Eye Creme, containing pH balancing probiotics, is formulated to inhibit melanin production and illuminate the skin around the eyes. Pomegranate tightens and hydrates skin while caffeine increases circulation to depuff and firm the delicate eye area.
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