Ingredient List Updates - Pravada News

Ingredient List Updates - Pravada News

Ingredient List Updates for 2018

At Pravada, we believe in developing and evolving our products and to meet the highest standards of safety, efficacy, and sustainability. Periodically, our labs will advise ingredient list updates in our stock formulations to meet these standards. Updates to our products also occur due to ingredient scarcity and ingredient price fluctuations. Product ingredient changes are limited in their frequency to only what is necessary and beneficial to our clients. In 2018, Pravada recognized significant and relevant industry standards set in place by California Prop 65 and the California Safe Cosmetics Act. These regulation standards apply only to products sold in the state of California. In recent updates to Prop 65, “Aloe Vera leaf extract” was identified as an ingredient of concern.

Given that many of Pravada’s product formulas contain Aloe Vera derived ingredients, the decision was made to substitute the extract for Aloe Vera leaf juice. Additional changes to ingredient listings include updates made to preservative blends and substituting Sunflower oil for Safflower oil. Preservative changes were made to ensure product stability.

As always, Pravada uses preservative blends in line with our Safety and Stability standards and does not use harmful ingredients in any product. Sunflower oil is being used in place of Safflower oil due to ingredient price increases. All ingredient changes are minor and have no noticeable effect on the product’s performance or effectiveness.

Pravada’s graphic designers will be working with existing clients on their labels to review any ingredient updates. No changes will be made without client permission and approval. If you have any questions, please call or email the Sales team and they would be happy to assist you further. An updated Product Catalogue with highlighted ingredient changes can be downloaded >>>HERE<<< Call toll free to speak with one of our sales representatives at 1-877-471-3302

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