How Can You Market to Skintellectuals?

How Can You Market to Skintellectuals?

When selling your private label skin care products to consumers, it's important to know what types of customers will value the natural, high-quality products that you are offering. In the beauty industry, one group of consumers to consider targeting are skintellectuals. Since they are a growing group, engaging skintellectuals can be very beneficial to your company.

Who are Skintellectuals?

Skintellectuals are self-taught, discerning, clued-in customers that are seeking highly effective, no-frills products with competitive price points. This group has a growing influence in the marketplace and expect “full disclosure” on their products with ingredient forward marketing that cuts the fluff and focuses on facts.

When designing your marketing plan for your private label skin care or hair care line – keep these three tips in mind to ensure you capture the interest of the most savvy skintellectuals:

1) Focus on Safety

Formulation safety is paramount and clever consumers steer clear of blacklisted ingredients. To have your marketing materials point out what’s not in the product is equally as important as highlighting what is inside. Icons on the packaging indicating “paraben free”, “cruelty free”, and “phthalate free” help skintellectuals make quick decisions about whether they are going to further investigate the product. Safety for the environment is also considered as sustainably sourced and organically grown botanicals are favored.

2) Spend More Money on Quality, Less on Marketing

These astute shoppers are looking for specific ingredients to deliver specific outcomes and they will use these key ingredients as search criteria for their next purchase. They appreciate a simple delivery from a company that spends money on quality product focusing most of their resources on what’s inside the bottle. When a product has high efficacy and delivers results, it will build loyalty in these customers. “More bang for the buck” is their mantra and they will scour ingredient lists and pricing to find great value.

3) Be Professional and Innovative

The digital revolution has knocked down the doors of the beauty industry and no longer are there secrets in this profession. In the era of DIY, consumers know about products, devices and hacks that used to be exclusive insider information; and they want it for themselves. Facial treatments are weekly self-care and skintellectuals want products with high levels of actives like Retinol, Vitamin C, AHAs and Enzymes. With on-line industry journals and ingredient research at their fingertips, they are on a quest for cutting edge technology and products with scientifically backed claims.

Impress Your Skintellectual Customers With Private Label Skin Care

Pravada private label skincare and hair care products satisfy the demands of beauty connoisseurs delivering organic botanically based products without any chemical nasties. Professional strength products that deliver visible results are available for both backbar and retail sales. Because you choose your packaging, control your marketing, and experience larger margins with private label, you have the opportunity to invest in and sell safe and quality products. Let our consultants help you choose the right ones that define your personal brand. Our ingredients are on trend and our fragrance options create a natural aromatherapy experience your clients will remember and want to return to… again and again. Call our team today toll free at 877.471.3302 or contact us at to place your sample order to begin your private label journey. And welcome to Pravada – Private Label Simplified!
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  • Paraben Free
  • Phthalate Free
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