Pravada’s in-house team of Graphic Designers are ready to help create custom designs for all your private label packaging and marketing materials. The success of your private label skin care collection lies not only in the formulation, but how it is presented to the world. Our experienced team collaborates with you to set your collection apart from the competition and bring a unique vision to life.


Outfit your private label cosmetics products in custom, eye-catching designs! Our experienced team can assist you in creating unique logo and label designs, tailored to your specifications and compliant with industry standards. You will customize everything, including the product name, description, and the directions for use. The only details unchanged are the product’s ingredient list.

You’re welcome to provide font files and Pantone colors for use on your labels. High quality digital images can be provided as well. The preferred versions of this are in PDF or AI file formats. Other formats, such as JPEG can be used, but the image quality won’t be as clear as a higher resolution file. The labelling process at Pravada starts out with a small questionnaire to create a profile.

After the profile is created a time will be scheduled with graphic designer to go over ideas, pictures of inspiration, colors or anything useful that will help the designers to create the branding style you are looking for on your labels. Our team is also happy to help by providing templates if you are already working with a designer.


A visual representation of the heart of your brand, everything your company stands for and the reflection of your business. Whether you have a clear concept of your logo design, or have just a rough outline, Pravada’s team of Graphic Designers can assist you in creating a custom brand logo for use on all of your product labels and marketing materials. Making an impression is extremely important when creating a logo so keeping it simple is key.

Know your brand and make sure it reflects the business and target audience you are trying to reach. Search for answers to those questions like what makes your brand special? Why did you start this business? What are your core brand values and beliefs? Once you know what your brand means and who you are as a business you can begin defining what your logo will express to customers. Each element, when creating your logo and label designs, is intended to evoke a feeling and colors play a huge role in doing this. Red can send a message of strength, power, and energy.

Yellow can translate as positivity, happiness and freshness. Do your homework and make sure you use the colors that work well with your message. Fonts are very important and can be recognizable all on their own. Think of all the brands you know of that the font is the focal point like Disney or Coca-Cola. If you decide to forgo a written logo and choose a symbol or picture an explanation is needed in the beginning to get an understanding of how the logo and product connect. A logo and label should be striking, unique and memorable.

Have fun, enjoy the creative process and don’t make it too complicated or get overwhelmed. Take one thing at a time with end goal in mind! To get started on your logo and label today contact us now!