Organic Ingredient Certification

When you see the term "organic" in our catalogue of products, you can be assured that our suppliers work to source premium ingredients from around the world.  These ingredients are certified by a number of different suppliers and organic ingredient certification bodies. For a full list of our private label skin care products that contain [...]

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12 Priciples of Green Chemistry

Green Chemistry advances by skin care manufacturers From Natural Cosmetics News “Green chemistry, also known as sustainable chemistry, is the design of chemical products and processes that reduce or eliminate the use or generation of hazardous substances. Green chemistry applies across the life cycle of a chemical product, including its design, manufacture, and use.” - [...]

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Packaging News – Violettglass

We love it when we find new packaging options - but it is not every day that we find one that looks amazing, is available in lower quantities, is reasonably priced AND it is superior in quality. So we were thrilled when we discovered the beauty and benefits of Violettglass. No other glass than violet [...]

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Telling A Story on the Label

A brief article (albeit a sarcastic one!) highlighting the important role packaging techniques play in the successful consumer perception of any skin care product. Published with direct permission from one of our favourite writers and the modern day guru of marketing! TELLLING A STORY ON THE LABEL Here's a $20 bottle of soap. Functionally identical [...]

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The Healing Benefits of Turmeric

...just one of the reasons we love our Moisture Treatment for Acne Prone Skin! Turmeric, grown in tropical areas of South Asia, has been long used in curries and in medicines. Over the past few decades, research work began in the west on the health benefits of turmeric - these studies found this member of [...]

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Update: Health Canada

Amendment to Cosmetic Advertising and Labelling Claims As a service to our clients and readers we try to keep everyone up to date on changes to Health Canada Cosmetic Guidelines.  This summer they made revisions  to the Health Canada Guidelines for Cosmetic Advertising and Labelling Claims and have issued a summary document which details just [...]

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