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How Can You Market to Skintellectuals?

How Can You Market to Skintellectuals? When selling your private label skin care products to consumers, it's important to know what types of customers will value the natural, high-quality products that you are offering.  In the beauty industry, one group of consumers to consider targeting are skintellectuals.  Since they are a growing group, engaging skintellectuals [...]

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3 Winter Skin Care Requirements for Your Product Line

As temperatures plummet across the continent, cold weather means drier air.  Heaters inside the home, office and car deplete what little humidity is left, parching skin and destabilizing its protective barrier. Help your clients combat wintertime woes with private label skin care and hair care products that plump and preserve moisture levels in skin. Barrier Protection [...]

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Enzyme Activation! Private Label this Popular Peel.

The use of enzymes in the skincare industry has become mainstream and the catalogue of these powerful proteins is ever expanding. These natural catalysts from nature promise a brighter complexion and deeper product penetration through increased exfoliation. But what exactly is an enzyme and how does it help the skin? Enzymes are proteins that help [...]

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The Power of Peptides

Peptides are powerful segments of protein that can be the boss of your cells! They can encourage increased collagen production, have a tightening effect and help to plump skin. Our Peptide product line contains Amino Acids in conjunction with Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1 for the maximum punch of these anti-aging ingredients. The most [...]

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Scents & Scents-Ability

It all started with some flowers…and the human ability to detect aromas…and thus was born our obsession with all things smelly and the art and science of aromatherapy. Because our products are botanical based and include flower and herb extracts and nut, seed and essential oils, some of them have slight natural scents from the organic and natural ingredients used and are lovely as is.  Many of them do not have a strong fragrance and are considered “scent free”. Pravada provides two effective, safe and delightful offerings with hundreds of aromas to choose from.

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NEW Botanical-Based Private Label Hair Care Products!

Now in stock and ready for your brand!  Your customers already love your private label skincare products.  Extend your line by offering high quality hair care products that will continue to delight while staying true to your earth-friendly roots.  Plant oils and organic extracts form the bases of these high performing salon quality shampoos, conditioners, [...]

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