Antioxidant Berries – Now at Pravada!

INTRODUCING OUR NEW LINE OF SUPER FRUIT ANTIOXIDANT SKIN CARE One of the most important reasons to embrace natural and organic skin care is the anti-aging benefits derived from antioxidants.  Whether from natural sources like Alpha Lipoic Acid, CoEnzyme Q10, Japanese Green Tea or Vitamins A, C and E , antioxidants protect skin by limiting the production of free radicals, [...]

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Why We Focus On Natural!

Ingredients to Avoid in Natural Skin Care The average adult uses nine personal care products a day, with roughly 120 chemicals spread among them, many of which are incompletely tested for toxicity. At Pravada, our focus is to continuously bring to our clients the best private label skin care formulations that they can brand and sell with [...]

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Organic Ingredient Certification

When you see the term "organic" in our catalogue of products, you can be assured that our suppliers work to source premium ingredients from around the world.  These ingredients are certified by a number of different suppliers and organic ingredient certification bodies. For a full list of our private label skin care products that contain [...]

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